I Look At The House


Get a Cash Offer

Very Simple Process.


Fill out the short form or just give me a call (316)351-8785 to start the process in motion today. Often I can arrange to look at the property the day you call me!  Or if email fits your needs better, once received, I will be contacting you to schedule an appointment to come and see the house.  Don't worry though, it doesn't need to be cleaned up and prepped like you would have to if you were going to sell your house with a traditional real estate agent and listing it on the MLS.  

No Cleaning.

No Fixing.

No Worries.

  • At the house, we will look at everything and determine what's a fair market offer.
  •  Receive your detailed analysis of your property.
  •  If you are satisfied with your offer, we would finalize a contract at the title company.
  •  All of the closings are handled by a reputable local title company.

Once the paperwork is ready in about 7-10 days or less,  you receive your money.